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Corey Michael Mixter, also known by his stage name Titanic Sinclair, is an American singer-songwriter, producer, actor and director. He is best known for his work with the singer Brittany Sheets on Grocerybag videos and music, and his work with Poppy in visually similar videos.

He was one of the two fronting members of the band Mars Argo from 2008 to 2014, with his brother Alex Mixter taking part as a guitarist from 2011 to 2012. Titanic produced a majority of the band's music, working on an album, Technology Is a Dead Bird, and an EP, Linden Place. A second studio album was planned for the band, but ultimately scrapped due to the band's permanent hiatus, which Brittany referenced in a 2018 lawsuit against Sinclair to have been the result of physical abuse and infidelity.

The lawsuit was primarily filed due to the events of Titanic allegedly continuing to mock her afterwords by launching the Poppy project as an impersonation, as well as proof of Titanic breaking into Brittany's home multiple times and at one point stealing clothing from her, particularly a coat he and Poppy have both been photographed wearing since.



Title Details
Thick Jello Released December 5, 2012

Label: Grocerybag

Formats: Digital download

I Have Teeth Released June 28, 2014

Label: Bandcamp

Formats: Digital download

Extended plays

Title Details
Titanic Sinclair Released 2011/2012

Label: Grocerybag

Formats: Digital download


Title Year Album
"Limousine Machine" ft. Mars Argo 2012 Thick Jello
"Trust Fund" / "Guppy" 2015 Non-album single
"Fucking on Fire" / "So Punk Rock" Non-album single
"Losing My Mind" / "Going to Hell" 2016 Non-album single


Year Title Role Notes
2009 Video Blog Titanic Sinclair Main role, producer
2009-14 Computer Show Main role
2010 Mars Argo Main role
2014-current Poppy Skeleton Recurring role, director
2015 Everybody Wants to Be Poppy Rex Main role, producer
2018 I'm Poppy Director Director