The Movement Institute (TMI) is a group in the Poppyverse. They are also referred to as Poppy's handlers or usually "they" by herself. They are known to be responsible for Computer Boy's transformation into a computer, and they somewhat Poppy through her YouTube channel. In May of 2017, Computer Boy launched an ARG website campaigning to save Poppy from her handlers. On May 30, Poppy live streamed with Super Deluxe. In the stream, she was shown walking around a field in a hospital gown, having finally escaped TMI. At the end, a hooded figure from the group approached her, likely to recapture her.

Computer Boy's website contained a passworded area that fans spent a long time to figure out. Eventually, the password was decoded and a countdown was revealed. This countdown led to a chatroom added, and an update to the command system. The updated command system involved the revelation of images of Poppy being wheeled out of what is presumably the TMI headquarters on a hospital gurney.






Various official documents were released by Computer Boy through packages sent to seven Poppy fans in the United States. Five packages are known to have been delivered, however only three fans shared the contents of their packages online. Some of the documents are transcripts for videos, while other documents are notes from doctors.