It has been demonstrated multiple times throughout the Grocerybag and Poppy videos that the characters of Mars Argo, Titanic Sinclair and Poppy possess magical abilities. They have used them several times whilst on-camera.


Summoning objects

Mars and Titanic both are able to make objects appear out of thin air with a small cloud of pink smoke surrounding. This happens with:

Summoning people

Poppy-chan is able to summon other humans rather than objects, and does this more often. In the second episode of her Snapchat series Internet Famous with Poppy, its revealed that she is able to do this using enchanted glitter. She has used this to summon:

  • A clone of herself ("Oh No!")
  • Brandon Wardwell (Internet Famous with Poppy)
  • Stryker (Internet Famous with Poppy)
  • Satan (Internet Famous with Poppy)
  • DJ Andrew Luce (Internet Famous with Poppy)
  • Tom Green (Internet Famous with Poppy)


Mars and Titanic demonstrate teleportation in Computer Show episode twenty-two, "Twitter and Facebook". They teleport next to the special guest Dustin Martian after he introduces himself, bringing a large pink smoke cloud similar to the one that appears when other people are summoned.


In the Mars Argo episode "Reality is a Dream", Mars demonstrates being able to float at free will. She levitates herself just after giving a red fluid-contained bottle to Titanic.