Connie is a fictional character and narrator from the Mars Argo album Technology Is a Dead Bird. She appears in the songs "The Singularity is Near", "Monsters Under My Bed", "Technology Is a Dead Bird" and "Tired Today". Her voice is portrayed by a currently unknown text-to-speech software.

In "Our Songs in Your Videos", she is depicted as a Magnavox computer monitor with knobs for contrast, color, sharpness and volume. A photo of it is used for the Technology Is a Dead Bird instrumental album cover. In the Poppy video "Transmission", she is depicted as a Commodore computer with just two large knobs for volume and brightness. This same computer was also later used to represent the character of Computer Boy.


  • Connie fittingly has a monologue in the song "Machine", which was removed in the final version before the album release.