Cancelled 2nd Album, possibly titled 2012, 112212 or The Medicine Man, is the second studio album by the band Mars Argo. It was intended for release on November 22, 2012, but was scrapped for unknown reasons.


The album was first announced at the end of "WINSTON IN A HOT DOG SUIT", revealing a November 2012 release and an early version of the now iconic sad heart drawing. Titanic describes it as a 'full-length LP' in "LA or BUST".

"Runaway Runaway" was released as the lead single on December 14, 2012. A second single was announced for a release in March 2013, but this never happened. The Johnny K remix of "Using You" had a music video filmed in October of that year, and was released as a single on December 21, 2014.

Songs recorded